Release 39

Published on:
June 28, 2018
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

Q&A Tab On Process Page

We have added the Q&A tab to the process page to enable you to post questions and updates and get answers related to the process.


When you post the Q&A post or update it, you are able to mention users you would like to get notified by email about your post.

Just type @ and a dropdown will show you who you can mention.

Enhanced Team Tab On Process Page

Now process team is composed of all the users that have made an action on the process or are assigned to the tasks.

The number of tasks completed by the user is also presented.

Effort Spent Report

We have added Effort Spent Analytic to Analytics menu. Now all our customers that are logging effort spent in tasks can get a detailed overview on how the time was spent.

Conditional Formulas

From this release we are supporting conditional formulas.

This means that the formula for how a field value is calculated can change based on the preset criteria.

For example: 

If the value of the field A is lower than 5 then filed D value is calculated as the value of field B + the value of the field C; 

If value of the field A is higher than 5 then field D value is calculated as the value of field B + the value of the field C/2;