What's coming in 2022 Q1?

Published on:
November 24, 2021

Conditional formatting

One of Alchemy’s greatest strengths is that it can map and digitize your workflows. During testing and formulating, we strive to pull as much data from lab equipment as possible, run automatic calculations on that data, and enable side by side analysis in “compare” mode. 

We are continuously improving this experience and adding new features. One of the upcoming releases will enable conditional formatting and live recalculations. This means that records will become even more powerful with following features:

  • Conditional options for fields to become editable or non-editable,
  • Conditional options for fields to become required or non-required,
  • Conditional formatting - changing the font color, background color, style or content, depending on some condition,
  • Live recalculation (on change) of complex formulas for subtotals and totals.

Take a look at the video below and discover all the possibilities of Alchemy’s powerful formulating tool: