What's coming in March?

Published on:
March 8, 2021

In March we will be rolling out enhancements to the Process Page. We will send out detailed Release Notes as soon as the changes are available live. 

Process Page Enhancements

Our goals were to:

  • Make process information more accessible by making process navigation more prominent in general.
  • Specifically, make it easier to see and find all categories of data associated with a process 
  • Records
  • Tasks
  • Compare tables
  • Visualizations 

with clearer labeling and color differentiation in the process navigation panel.

  • Visualize your data directly in the process.
  • Prepare data for visualizations you need with one click.
  • Load data faster and significantly reduce scrolling, in particular for large, data-intensive processes. 

New features:

  • Filter and search records/resources within your process - this is particularly helpful when there are 100’s of records in a process
  • Fully featured charting is embedded on the process page
  • Resize the navigation panel to your desired width

Here is a sneak peek of the new Process Page:

Figure 1 Enhanced Alchemy Process Page

This is a sneak peek of embedded data visualization:

Figure 2 Data Visualization Embedded in a Process