What's coming in November?

Published on:
November 2, 2020

This is a heads up that we will be rolling out Release 50 in early November and it will include a variety of new features and functionalities. We will send out detailed Release Notes as we always do, but we wanted to highlight in advance a couple UI changes that will simplify application and Views navigation.

Specifically, we will be introducing:

  • Left Sidebar
  • New UI for Views

These user interface changes will enable navigation with fewer clicks, provide more clarity for reaching the desired data and create an overall better user experience.

The left sidebar will contain links to key actions and relevant information for users such as My Assignments and Views, and it will always be there to help you navigate through Alchemy.

The bigger change will be in Views. You will be able to search through Views more easily. There are more visual identifiers of your filter criteria when pulling source data or creating relevant lists and selecting the visualization options like grids or boards.

As always, expect detailed Release Notes to be available with Release 50.