What's coming in December?

Published on:
December 10, 2020

This is a heads up that we will be rolling out new features by the end of December. We will send out detailed Release Notes as we always do, but we would like to highlight in advance a few powerful new capabilities that will facilitate your work in Alchemy.

Compare Table Version 2

The Compare feature has proven to be tremendously useful and now it will get even better. We will introduce the toolbar from which you will be able to set up your comparisons exactly as you want. The look and feel has been improved to focus more on the data that's entered and for a better user experience allowing multiple viewing modes. 

Highlight mode to highlight values different from the values in the first column, so you can easily see “what” has changed. 

Delta mode to show the differences compared to values in the first column, so you can easily see “how much” has changed. 

Scatter Plot

Making scatter plots is one of the most frequent graphical representations of characteristics, results and parameters used by chemists. With this feature you will be able to make highly customized scatter plots in just a few clicks.