What's coming in the remainder of Q1?

Published on:
February 10, 2021

January was a busy month with the release of Single Sign On, Connecting with Other Software at the Click of a Button, and More Field Options.

In February and March we will be delivering three core product enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Data Visualization 
  2. Process Page Better UI and Faster Page Load Time
  3. Secure Collaboration and Co-Creation for Customers and Suppliers

Data Visualization

In December, we rolled out a significant update of our compare functionality and we enabled an easier way to create scatter plots. In Q1, we are leaning into data visualization by making it easier to create bar charts and to chart the data that resides in any tables, including compare tables in Process pages. 

Process Page

The Process page is where our customers spend most of their time while using Alchemy. This is the reason why excellent performance and easy navigation on this page is imperative for us.

In next couple releases we will deliver significant improvements to process page loading times and make it easier to find and use the data (records, tasks, compare tables, visualizations) they are looking for. 

Collaboration and Co-Creation

Our Share Record functionality is used on a daily basis, predominantly to share sample and test data with your prospective customers and to receive feedback. Additionally, we see a lot of companies looking for a way to enable true collaboration and co-creation with their customers and suppliers.

At the same time, we understand that the data our customers want to share with their customers and suppliers can be of sensitive nature and its access and security needs to be properly managed.

In Q1, we are planning to release a set of features and capabilities that will enable:

  • More robust, yet secure sharing of Records and Views with your customers and suppliers.
  • Secure, controlled access to Records, Views or other information  by requiring recipients of such information to have an Alchemy account.
  • The ability to login and gain access to the superset of Records, Views and other information shared with you grouped by Alchemy customer.