Release 55.0

Published on:
November 6, 2021
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

New Features

1. Barcode Field Type

2. Enhanced Workflow Configuration

1. Barcode Field Type

We are introducing a new way of representing data in Alchemy - a Barcode. Now your data can be displayed via 10 different types of a barcode (one-dimensional and two-dimensional).

Using barcodes can be an excellent way to improve both workflow in the lab and the accuracy of sample tracking and traceability.

Samples and products can be identified by a single barcode. In this way, there is no typing to insert a new sample in the system: it's easier and faster to scan.

Here are some examples of relevant workflows:

  • A sample arrives in the lab and is registered using a barcode scanner, changing the sample’s status in the system.
  • A barcode is generated for a new product, which can be printed (using print record functionality) and used to label that product.

This is a product capability that needs to be enabled through configuration, please contact your CSM for further assistance.

2. Enhanced Workflow Configuration

One of the greatest strengths of Alchemy lies in its ability to create and edit different types of workflows and configurations through our Configuration Portal. Our Configuration Portal is our administrator platform which is used by Alchemy CSMs and customer admins. It enables workflow creation and editing without any coding. 

It is now possible to parallelize editing, verification and publishing, giving admins better control and oversight of what is changed and published.Configuration can be done more efficiently, resulting in shorter turnaround time regarding changes in workflows.

UI Improvements

We also released a couple UI enhancements, namely:

  • A smoother experience entering data: it is now easier and faster to update records.
  • Find your materials more easily: the search capability inside record reference fields now supports special characters.