Release 58.9

Published on:
August 6, 2022
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

Field Edit History

Being able to quickly and easily view the edit history of every field in the system is important as you are working. It shows anyone who needs to know: what came before, when, and by whom. Easy access to field history provides teams numerous benefits including greater transparency, more sophisticated data monitoring and governance, easier error correction, and better overall team alignment.

At the corporate level, access to field history will help you comply with and provide audit evidence of compliance with various regulatory and quality standards such as ISO, GLP, CFR, etc. 

More specifically, this feature will enable you to see any additions, modifications and deletions of data including all values that are calculated by the system itself as well as the date, time, person or system and all historical values in reverse chronological order.


We fixed an issue regarding downloading a template necessary to import data to a record from an external file.

Knowledge Center Update

We are continuously improving our How To documentation, where you can find guides and manuals for using Alchemy. In this release, we added some new topics regarding the best user experience while using the Alchemy: