Release 59.10

Published on:
December 10, 2022
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

Nested Tables in Views

Being able to get value from data in Alchemy is core to our value proposition. 

We are introducing two new ways to display results in a View, available as part of the Alchemy Beta Program: nested tables mode and flat mode. Users will now be able to switch between three modes: nested tables mode, flat mode and default (legacy) mode.

Here’s a simple example: a View is displaying a list of Formulations, with used ingredients and performed Microbiology tests. The first result, Keto Blend Baking, has 4 ingredients and 3 tests.

The View can be displayed in:

• Nested Tables Mode
Keto Blend Baking formulation will be displayed once, with two nested tables below it – one nested table displaying 4 ingredients and another nested table displaying 3 microbiology test results.

Nested Tables visually communicate the two sets of relationships – the materials comprising the formulation and the test results associated with the formulation. In this way, the users see the relationships between the data, speeding up their understanding and reducing the potential duplication of results in the display.

• Flat Mode
Keto Blend Baking formulation will be displayed four times (because the biggest number of nested data - ingredients, is 4).

Flat mode is useful for less complex data sets, giving the more compressed look with the possibility to scan more data at once.

• Default Mode
Keto Blend Baking formulation will be displayed 27 times (multiplying each ingredient with each test).

This mode of displaying data is the legacy mode in Alchemy, giving the plain table view.


  • Resolved an issue when users want to apply calculated value to a numerical field that have been manually edited
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect count of results displayed in the widths on the Dashboard page