Release 59.2

Published on:
October 9, 2022
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**


  • When opening a record in Alchemy (e.g., when clicking on a single material from the list of all used materials inside the formulation), it will be opened as a popup and be automatically sized to the content within. For example, if the opened record is long with a lot of fields, the popup will take the whole height of the page, making the biggest part of the record initially visible.
  • Improved the date-time component (announced in previous Release notes) with a more intuitive UI and rolled it out in two more places: when inputting effort of tasks and when defining access time for shared records and shared views.
  • Improved two elements of the experience when entering long text e.g., in description and objective fields:
  • Automatic save of data after 10 seconds of the inactivity, to minimize the possibility of data loss.
  • Automatic auto-sizing of imported images in the rich-text component to the width of the field.
  • Resolved an issue when using the keyboard to navigate and populate cells inside tables that are not initially visible on screen.
  • Resolved an issue when opening an image preview in Views.