Release 59.8

Published on:
November 19, 2022
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

Task Actions

Workflows in Alchemy are driven by tasks. Tasks communicate:

  • Who is working on the active stage of a project
  • When that part of a project is done
  • More sophisticated information such as how long a task lasted
  • When it was started and when completed and how much effort was spent.

To achieve the smoothest flow and help users to finish their work with ease, we are introducing a redesigned My Tasks component inside the Process page called Task Actions.

Task Actions summarize all your active tasks on a given project, displaying it at the bottom of the page - actions to complete the task (thus the active stage) or to enter your effort are just a click away! In case you need more space in the page for data-entering, the Task Actions component can always be collapsed and afterwards expanded again.


This week’s release includes a number of minor improvements:

  • Improved loading of larger records up to 50%