Release 60.12

Published on:
October 1, 2023
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**


• Properties with Images

  • The tests table is improved to have ‘smart’ rows that will be displayed as higher rows if the image is attached so you can easily see the image preview.

• Two new Sample Barcode pages

  • Ability to update the start testing field, if empty
  • Update Sample received field if empty

• Scan & Score functionality is improved with an expanded algorithm for matching formulations:

  • To calculate composite deviation if the target is not satisfied but the normalized deviation is zero
  • When having defined textual targets.

Other Improvements:

  • Resolved the order of tables inside the Material record, so the first visible table is the Formulation, and the second is the Specification table.
  • Resolved an issue when in some cases, the “+Trial” button created broken columns inside the Formulation table.
  • Resolved an issue when some applied Properties didn’t have a value for the Property Identifier field.
  • Resolved an issue when the “ghost fields” were displayed when the only formulation was deleted from the Formulation table inside the Formulation & Testing Workspace.
  • Resolved an issue when, in some cases, the Formulation table wasn’t loading inside the Formulating and Testing Workspace.
  • Resolved an issue when, in some cases, the data from trials in the Formulating and Testing Workspace was inverted (e.g., data from the first trial was displayed in the third trial and vice versa).
  • Resolved an issue when color-coded test results were coloring the value wrong in cases when the test result was equal to the value that it should be lower or higher than (e.g., the target is lower than 5, but the test result was 5).
  • Resolved an issue when updating the Phase name caused to have a randomly generated suffix in the name.
  • Resolved an issue when after the Import Requirements action, the target type was not editable.