Release 60.13

Published on:
October 8, 2023
**These release notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

New Features

1. Hazard and Safety Pictograms

2. Scan & Score Improvements

3. Tenant Health Status Pages

Hazard and Safety Pictograms

Hazard pictograms are standardized symbols to communicate the hazards associated with chemicals and materials. They are part of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). These pictograms help users to understand the potential dangers of a substance quickly.

From this release, every material (and sample) can be marked with appropriate hazard pictograms to inform users if they are dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals.

In addition, while formulating, you can see for every added material inside the formulation if it contains some of the hazard properties. If this info is unimportant to you, you can turn it off.

As part of this feature, the Sample record template has been improved:

  • The “Code” field is now generated based on the origin Material Code, plus a simple pattern continues of the S letter and increasing numbers (in case there is no origin Material, only S + number).
  • The “Corrections” table inside the “Availability and usage” section becomes simplified, so users can easily add a new row and enter the usage manually.

Scan & Score Improvements

The Scan & Score modal is enriched with a “Number of historical formulations” table that provides the total number of historical formulations for each property that at least partially fulfill the formulating rules and, therefore, can be used as a starting dataset. This number will help users be inclined to whether the model training should be even attempted or proceed directly to DOE.

Other Improvements

  • Resolved an issue when users couldn't enter values for calculated properties inside the Specification table on the Material record.
  • Resolved an issue when users ran Scan and Score and selected the starting formulation, they couldn’t proceed to the Formulating and Testing Workspace.
  • Resolved an issue when a new Formulating and Testing Workspace was being created, the “Sample Info” section was looking broken without the first trial.
  • Resolved an issue when the second scaling of all materials inside the Formulating and Testing Workspace was taking too long.