Release 61.12

Published on:
June 2, 2024
**These release notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**


“Best Performing Trials” Filter Updated

The filter criteria for the “Best Performing Trials” field, found in the Workspace and Final Conclusion records, has been updated to remove Materials from the list of returned results. Users will now only see results for applicable Sample records.

QC Specification Versioning

Changes to a Quality Control Specifications record can now be managed using the new versioning feature. Users will be able to keep specifications up to date without losing historical data, allowing for tracking changes over time.

Versioning gives users easy access to view and manage individual versions of the same specification. This allows for the performance of quality control jobs according to an active specification while being able to  review previous jobs with prior specifications.


Create Sample Record via Alchemy’s Script Function

Users can now leverage Alchemy’s script function to create a Sample record through any record template they configure using the function: 


All created sample records will connect back to the corresponding Material record.

Scan & Score UI Notification

In the event of a webpage timeout error in the web browser after enabling Scan & Score functionality, users will now receive a notification in the UI. Messaging includes information about:

  • The unexpected event that occurred
  • Possible solutions to revert the hanging loading state of the platform

Bug Fixes