Release 61.5

Published on:
January 28, 2024
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**


  • Implemented support for the repetition of the same test method within properties
  • Fixed an issue with the Quality Control Process where the previous jobs bar stopped functioning
  • Addressed a situation in QC where the starting sample lacked a formulation
  • Resolved a bug related to sample integration API for bug-fixing
  • Optimized the updatePropertiesTableValueField for batch updates
  • Fixed study analytics to display formulations correctly in some instances
  • Ensured the correct functioning of the customer sample request in QC process
  • Addressed Recalculate privileges for record and backpropagate errors
  • Maintained property targets accurately even after deleting a property without a refresh
  • Fixed issues where processes were not advancing to the next stage
  • Allowed properties to be added to the Phase on Material record
  • Ensured dynamic privileges worked as intended within the quality control process
  • Resolved a bug where views were not loading in legacy projects
  • Enabled the ability to change weight units in the material constraint table
  • Fixed an issue where editing the calculated value did not update the weight value in the formulation table
  • Introduced support for multiple measurements on a solo sample
  • Improved system responsiveness when errors occurred during property application
  • Ensured proper system refresh when deleting a target from the study overview