Release 61.9

Published on:
March 24, 2024
**These release notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

New Features

Naming Updates

Alchemy’s Integrated ELN & LIMS solution has been rebranded as Lab Book. Record and process templates have been changed according to the new naming convention. Most notable changes include:

  • Integrated Study → Lab Book
  • Study Overview → Lab Book Overview
  • Formulating and Testing Workspace → Workspace
  • Formulation → Recipe
  • Starting/Best Performing Formulation → Starting/Best Performing Trial

Material Constraints Table

The Material Constraints table is now available to all users, regardless of access to AI capabilities. Use of this feature, found in the Lab Book Overview record, allows users to take advantage of Alchemy’s Scan & Score functionality to increase efficiency in identifying the best matching trials from your database based on given requirements, targets, and constraints.

AutoML Model Training

Users are now able to apply Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) on a given data set and surface the model training results to recommend the appropriate course of action, helping them determine how to proceed with their work. The trained models are then used to recommend optimal formulas or predict the values of tested properties for the formulas created by the chemist.

Please discuss how to add this to your system with your CSM or Salesperson.

AI Recommendations

Users will be able to have the system recommend optimal formulations based on their given targets and formulating rules. For example:

  • I defined the desired inputs for my testing, hardens and dry time. Based on this information, I want to see a list of recommended formulations from which I can select any number that I want to test.

Please discuss how to add this to your system with your CSM or Salesperson.