Release 40

Published on:
September 10, 2018
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

In this release, we focused on enabling you to immediately see relevant work and we have enhanced filtering to enable you to pull the exact data you are looking for out of your unified content database.

Star functionality allows you to manually promote work items (Processes, Companies, Contacts) you are interested in. The stars are “smart” - they are automatically added to the processes you initiated or you get assigned to. Of course, if you manually star or unstar a work item, the system will display your selection. Star functionality impacts the entire Alchemy platform, so we updated every page you access from the menu in the left nav.

Enhanced Analytics are also rolling out in this release. They will help you visualize and learn from the data entered in Alchemy.

Below is detail and screenshots of the updates:


When you click on Activity in the left nav, you will see that the Activity page now has two new tabs Starred and All.

Starred Tab

When you click on the Starred tab, you will see activity on all starred Processes, Companies, and Contacts.

Starred Tab on the Activity page

All Tab

When you click on the All tab, you will see activity on all Processes, Companies, and Contacts you have access to. In this view, you can filter activity data by: Users, Process Type, Process, Company, Contact and Time.

All Tab on the Activity page 


When you click on Tasks in the left nav, you will see we added a My Tasks tab on the Tasks page. If you click on My Tasks,  you will see all Tasks assigned to you. 

My Tasks Tab on the Tasks page

We improved the filtering capabilities in the List and My Tasks tabs.

Now when you select a value from the dropdown, the value stays selected in the list and also gets promoted to the top of the list. This way you can easily see all the selected items and unselect if needed. 

New dropdown functionality 

Companies and Contacts

Starred Tab

When you click on Companies or Contacts from the left nav, you will see all the Companies and Contacts you have starred.

Starred Tab on the Companies page

Starred Tab on the Contacts page

You can select the exact columns of data you want to display by clicking the Manage Data icon. 

Manage Data option

Manage Data popup

Manage Data popup options

Set the column sizes as wide or narrow as your selected column headers.

Column resizing

All Tab 

When you click on the All tab, you can manage all the data available to you. For instance, star the companies you want to see in your Starred view.

All Tab on the Companies page

Or, click the Manage Data icon, and select the data you would like to see in your table.

Manage Data option

Or, click the Download icon, and download the company and contact dataset you selected.

Download option

Or click the Filter icon to narrow down all the visible data even more granularly.

Filtering option


When you click Portfolio in the left nav, you will now see all your processes in one place. With advanced column management through the Manage Data icon  and filtering capabilities, you can see exactly the data you need. 


Column management and filtering capabilities 

Up to 30% more space for your data

New tables layout design

Process pages

Starred Tab

When you click on the Starred tab, you to see all your starred processes.

Starred Tab on a process page


Visualise your data and get useful insights.

Set up your analytics

New Analytic option on the Analytics  page

Select a new Analytic type

In this release we are making these reports available:

Active Steps

Overview of active steps in the selected time frame. 

Customer Calls

Overview of customer calls made in the selected time frame.

Customer Calls analytic

New Processes Value

Overview of the value of new processes initiated in the selected time frame.

New Process Values analytic 

Process Turnaround Time

Overview of turnaround time for the processes and steps completed in the selected time frame.

Turnaround Time analytic

Effort Spent

Overview of effort spent on tasks in the selected time frame.

Effort Spent analytic

Custom Process Reports 

For every process, you have in Alchemy you are able to set up custom report by selecting the Field you want to report on, Function/s you want to apply, how do you want to group results sets.

In addition, you can add custom filter criteria to filter the selected process type process.

For more details on setting up custom process reports contact your Alchemy consultant.

Creating a new NPD Process report form

Process report analytic actions