Release 58.11

Published on:
August 20, 2022
**These release notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

Enhancements to the Alchemy Script

Alchemy script is an internal programming language that is used in the background to enable automatic calculations happening in the system. Since this is a core component powering automation inside Alchemy, we are continuously improving it by adding new functions, calculations and capabilities. 

New functions added with this release include:

  • More possibilities for manipulating arrays inside an Alchemy script.
  • Support for getting and assigning values for multi-select fields - e.g., to calculate the allergens of a formulation based on the allergens of the ingredients, where both allergen fields are multi-select fields.

Performance Improvements

We have included a new build system called nx for our client side application in order to achieve better performance while using Alchemy. With this change, we decreased the application’s size in megabytes which means faster loading time. For example, complex records with tables with more than 200 rows should now load twice as fast. Additionally, we sped up partial loading of components on pages and rolled out nx tools to better analyze page load performance.

Other Improvements

  • Deployed a new integration API to connect with Microsoft’s Power BI which has an improved naming convention for columns with the same name. This API replaces the former Power BI integration API which will be decommissioned.

Knowledge Center Update

We extended the list of How To’s for using Alchemy on our Knowledge Center to include new instructions on how to see the field's edit history related to the new functionality we released last week.