Release 58.14

Published on:
September 10, 2022
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

Study Project Update

The Study Project, announced in previous release notes, continues. In this release, we added a two components:

  • A General Info section, where a user can fill in the name of the study, objectives and experiment details, and the system will pull information on who initiated the study and when.
  • The ability to meaningfully name and describe each trial added to a Study.

Improved Copy/Paste to/from Alchemy

One of the pillars of our product strategy is to accelerate formulating, testing, screening and analysis in the lab. We are actively focused on making data entry faster and easier. This release provides a round of improvements to the copy/paste capability. 

You will now be able to copy multiple cells (values) inside a record (tables or single fields) and paste those values into any external application (e.g. Excel or e-mail) while keeping their formatting intact. Also, you will be able to copy values from an external application and paste it into Alchemy. For instance, if an Excel data table has dry time and units of measure, then they will be pasted into Alchemy into our dry time and units fields. Conversely, if you copy the word 'apple' from an external app and then try to paste it into Alchemy in any structured field (checkbox, date, time, yes-no, reference field), we will not paste that value because it will not pass our data validation criteria. This should facilitate accurate and efficient data entry.


  • Resolved an issue with widgets not rendering all chart types on the Dashboard page.
  • Resolved an issue with importing data to a record from another record.
  • Improved loading of data-dense records by another 40%.
  • Resolved an issue when adding a Calculated Column to a View that includes the addition operator.