Release 60.4

Published on:
June 24, 2023
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

New Features

1. Flexible Test Method

2. New Descriptors for Property

3. Extension to the Units Library

1. Flexible Test Method

In addition to a library of Fixed Test Methods, you now have an option for Flexible Test Methods. This new, flexible type of test methods are useful when you want to create a test method as a predefined group of properties that need to be measured all at once. 

When you add a Flexible Test Method to your Formulating & Testing Workspace, it is completely editable - you can add more properties or remove some of the existing ones, as well as update conditions under which they are measured.

Another testing flexibility feature is that when you are adding a single Property, you can define how many times you will measure the same Property under different circumstances (which we call Conditions), saving time and clicks when setting the Flexible Test Method up.

2. New descriptors for Property

The main building block of Alchemy’s productised ELN + LIMS, the Property, has become even more powerful. 

A Property is anything that can characterize a sample, material, batch, final formulated product, phase, or trial formulation. It can be almost any type of data and, with this release, there are even more descriptors that can be used when defining a Property:

• Numerical Properties are most common (e.g. Viscosity, pH, number of moles, solids %, etc.). These can now be described with:

  • Any number of decimal places
  • If it should be displayed in scientific notation

• Custom format for Date & Time Properties can can be defined (e.g. “June 24, 2023” or “6/24/23”)

• For Properties that have predefined values, it’s now possible to allow multiple selections

3. Extension to the Units Library

Our library of Units is getting even more powerful. As a reminder, every piece of numerical data in Alchemy can have a unit type associated with it, so each number has its full meaning (e.g.  weight of 10kg is different from 10lbs). 

Additionally, we rolled out Auto Conversions Between Units of the same type (e.g. converting from 10kg to 22.0462lbs) as well as support for it inside Views (e.g. to see the whole column in one unit or to define the unit you would like to see on a chart).

Finally, extended our Library of Unit Types and Units. 

This is the list of existing Unit Types with new Units available:

• For Weight unit type, new available unit is:

  • Microgram

• For Volume unit type, new available unit is:

  • Microliter

• For Length unit type, new available unit is:

  • Mil

• For Molar Mass unit type, new available unit is:

  • Kilogram per mole

• For Speed unit type, new available units are:

  • Millimeter per second
  • Centimeter per second
  • Decimetre per second

• For Pressure unit type, new available units are:

  • Millipascal
  • Millitorr
  • Torr

• For Time unit type, new available unit is:

  • Week

• For Currency unit type, new available units are:

  • Canadian Dollar
  • Norwegian Krone

• For Ratio (parts per notation) unit type, beside Percentage, new available units are:

  • Permille 
  • Permyriad 
  • Part per million
  • Part per billion
  • Part per trillion
  • Part per quadrillion

• For Amount of substance unit type, new available unit is:

  • Millimole

The list of new Unit Types with included units:

• Dynamic viscosity:

  • Millipascal second
  • Pascal seconds
  • Poise
  • CentiPoise
  • Pound-force second per square foot

• Kinematic viscosity:

  • Centistoke
  • Stoke
  • Square centimeter per second
  • Square meter per second
  • Square inch per second
  • Square foot per second

• Electrical conductivity:

  • Picosiemens per centimeter
  • Nanosiemens per centimeter
  • Microsiemens per  centimeter
  • Millisiemens per centimeter
  • Decisiemens per centimeter
  • Siemens per centimeter
  • Picosiemens per meter
  • Nanosiemens per meter
  • Microsiemens per meter
  • Millisiemens per meter
  • Decisiemens per meter
  • Siemens per meter
  • Siemens per inch
  • Siemens per foot

• Thermal conductivity:

  • Watt per meter Kelvin
  • Kilowatt per meter Kelvin
  • Watt per centimeter Celsius
  • Calorie per second meter Celsius
  • Calorie per second centimeter Celsius
  • Kilocalorie per hour meter Celsius
  • British thermal unit per hour foot Fahrenheit
  • British thermal unit inch per hour square foot Fahrenheit

• Molarity:

  • Mol per cubic millimeter
  • Mol per cubic centimeter
  • Mol per cubic decimeter
  • Mol per cubic meter
  • Mol per milliliter
  • Mol per centiliter
  • Mol per deciliter
  • Mol per liter
  • Mol per gallon
  • Picomolar
  • Nanomolar
  • Micromolar
  • Millimolar
  • Molar

• Mass flow rate:

  • Gram per second
  • Gram per minute
  • Gram per hour
  • Kilogram per second
  • Kilogram per minute
  • Kilogram per hour
  • Pound per second
  • Pound per minute
  • Pound per hour

• Volume flow rate:

  • Cubic millimeter per second
  • Cubic millimeter per minute
  • Cubic centimeter per second
  • Cubic centimeter per minute
  • Cubic decimeter per second
  • Cubic decimeter per minute
  • Cubic meter per second
  • Cubic meter per minute
  • Cubic meter per hour
  • Microliter per second
  • Microliter per minute
  • Milliliter per second
  • Milliliter per minute
  • Centiliter per second
  • Centiliter per minute
  • Deciliter per second
  • Deciliter per minute
  • Liter per second
  • Liter per minute
  • Liter per hour

Other Improvements

  • Resolved an issue with Scale button now showing inside the phase drawer
  • Resolved an issue that target weight inside the phase is not being saved