Release 60.9

Published on:
August 11, 2023
**These release notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**


This release is bringing several improvements regarding Automated Test Matrices, the new functionality released last week:

  • Inside the “Add Test” modal, when you select properties you want to measure, the system automatically adds all mandatory conditions. 
  • Inside the “Add Test” modal, for all varying conditions that you want manually to define variations (in the opposite of using automatically calculated ranges), now you need only to describe those variable values - the system will automatically fill in all other rows.
  • We resolved an issue when a measured property added to the Phase wasn’t visible without the page refresh.

Other improvements:

  • Improved ‍RECALCULATE_PRIVILEGES() function in Alchemy Script to support record reference as well (instead of only accepting process reference, how it was working so far); in that case, it will recalculate privileges only for solo records. 
  • Resolved an issue when a property couldn’t be applied in exceptional cases - when trying to create a new property with the same name as the old one renamed.
  • Resolved an issue when manually entering the date value, the values for days and months were switched.