Release 61.0

Published on:
November 5, 2023
**These Release Notes represent a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.**

New Features

1. Augment Scan & Score

2. Sample Label Printing

3. Product

Augment Scan & Score

The powerful tool of scanning all historical formulations based on the given targets is now improved: extended Scan & Score to search formulations based on material constraints. Only the formulations that have the matching ingredients should be taken into account.

Sample Label Printing

As Samples are created in the system and the physical world, they need to be labeled in a way that allows scientists to identify them from other samples easily. Each Sample has a unique identifier to show precisely which one it is. Labels, ready to be printed in 4 available sizes, all have a barcode and necessary information.


A new record template as part of the Integrated ELN + LIMS, a Product, as a central element in our data structure (Product > Material > Sample). It is a comprehensive record of packaged materials, encompassing essential details such as SKU, packaging, labels, and more.

Other Improvements

  • Resolved an issue when only some tests were pulled from the Study Overview to the Formulating and Testing Workspace.
  • Resolved an issue when scaling on Volume from the Formulation table (changing the total field) wasn’t scaling phases correctly.