How to log an effort for a Task?

Last Updated on:
December 21, 2022

From Navigation

1. Click on the specific task in the Navigation

2. In the Effort Spent section click the “NEW EFFORT”

3. New effort is shown with your name on it

4. Click on the 0h placeholder and write your effort spent in hours

5. Click on the blank surface on the screen and your effort will appear in placeholder

6. Date can be changed by clicking on it

7. The calendar pop-up will appear where you can choose the date

8. Choose the date

From Dashboard

1. Click on Dashboard

2. Click on the link of the Task for which you want to add effort. Task will open

3. Add New Effort as explained in steps 2.- 8. in the section above

From Taskbar

1. Click on the Effort spent button inside the taskbar and an overview of already added efforts will be given. 

2. Click on the + Effort button to add new effort. 

3. Enter effort in hours and minutes. Maximum number of minutes that can be added is 59. 

4. Hover over the single effort and bin icon will appear. Click on the bin icon to delete the effort.