How to manage columns in the View?

Last Updated on:
April 21, 2022

Predefined Views by your Admin can not be edited. Only Views from the My Views section can be edited. However, Predefined Views can be cloned and then edited. To clone a View, check this link.

Selected Starting Data will be pinned in the View as the first column on the left.

1. To resize the column, hover at the left or right end of the column header. Double arrow will appear. Click and drag the edge of the column header to the desired size.

2. To reorder columns in a View, hover over the column header. Pointing hand will appear. Click and drag the column to the desired place.

Check this short video to see how columns are resized and reordered.

3. Another way to reorder columns is from the Columns menu. Click on the Column button. Drag-and-drop the “6 dots” icon of the specific column to the desired place.

4. To hide a column, open the Columns menu by clicking on the Columns button. Hover over the column. “Delete”and “Hide” icons will appear. Click on the “Hide” icon. Data from Column is still in the View but not displayed. Hidden column will be grayed out inside the Columns menu.

5. To delete a column, click on the Columns button. In the Columns menu hover over the column. “Delete”and “Hide” icons will appear. Click on the “Delete” icon. Confirmation window will appear. Click on “Delete” to remove the column from the View.

6. Format of data in the column can be changed. Click on the Columns button. An example of the current formatting  is displayed in parenthesis. Click on the “Edit” icon to change the format.

7. Edit Format window will appear showing the default format. Click on the arrow to expand the dropdown. Choose the desired format of data and click “Save”. Desired data format will be applied to the column.

8. Click on the Column by which you want to sort. Small arrow will appear. Click on the arrow to sort by values in the column. Click the arrow again to go back to the previous sorting option.