How to add New Record (i.e. Company, Contact, Product, Formulation, etc.)?

Last Updated on:
January 25, 2022

In the process

1. In the Navigation, on the stage in which you want to add a record click on the + icon. All possible available options are: Task, Record, Compare. Choose Record

2. Choose the record template from the list to create a New Record

If you can not add records to the stage anymore because the maximum number of records is reached, that information will be displayed instead of the list of record templates.

In the process, from another record

1. Click on a field linked to a record. A drop-down for selection will appear. Click on “+” icon

2. A New Record will be created in the pop-up window. Fill out the required fields

3. Newly created record is linked in the field and added in the process Navigation

Outside of the process

1. Records can be created without starting a new process (check with your CS Manager for details and privileges)

2. Click the NEW button

3. From the drop-down choose the record template from which you want to create New Record

4. New record will be opened in a pop-up window. Fill out the required fields

5. If you click on the “X” before you have filled out the required fields, a Warning window will appear.

Clicking on “CLOSE” will close the New Record and it will stay “Invalid”.

Click on “STAY” to continue filling out the New Record.