How to manage the created View?

Last Updated on:
April 21, 2022

Predefined Views by your Admin can not be edited. Only Views from the My Views section can be edited. However, Predefined Views can be cloned and then edited. To clone a View, check this link.

Newly created View will be located on the bottom of the My Views section of the left-side menu. It will have a name “Untitled”.

1. To rename a View, click on View’s Header, and type in the desired name.

2. To reorder Views in the My Views section, click on the “6-dots” icon on the left side of the View’s Name and drag-and-drop the View to the desired position.

3. Data displayed in the View are not updated automatically. Click on the Update View button to pull the newest data to the View.

4. Delete a View by clicking the three dots in the upper right and choosing Delete View.

5. Amount of data in the View is displayed by the number of rows in the bottom left side.

6. Search for specific data in the View by typing the text in the View’s Search bar. Data will be automatically filtered to the typed text.