How to share a View?

Last Updated on:
December 18, 2022

Predefined Views by your Admin can not be shared. Only Views from the My Views section can be shared. However, Predefined Views can be cloned and then shared.

1. Click on the share arrow in the top right corner of the screen. 

2. Enter an email address(s) to which you want to share the view. Type notes if necessary. User(s) will receive an email notification about the shared view and a link to access it. Notes can be added in the body of that email.

3. Click on the arrow next to an eye icon. To allow user(s) to edit the shared View select Can Edit option. To share the View without allowing users to edit, select the Can View option. 

4. Click on the Send button to share the view. 

5. When the view is shared with a user(s), you can set the expiration date for access to that View. Click on the Share View icon in the upper right corner. Share Settings dialogue will appear. Click on the Clock icon and set the expiration date.

6. Click on the arrow next to an eye icon to change the View/Edit rights of the shared View. 

7. To remove the access of the shared view, click on the x icon. 

8. To apply the changes made, click on the Save Changes button.