How to create Grid View?

Last Updated on:
July 12, 2022

Predefined Views by your Admin can not be edited. Only Views from the My Views section can be edited. However, Predefined Views can be cloned and then edited. To clone a View, check this link.

1. Click on the “+” sign next to the Data tab. Dropdown with various options will open. Choose Grid. Grid is a way of sorting the desired (i.e. filtered) data in the form of groups and subgroups. Each group is a branch which can be expanded to show subgroups.

2. Click on the “Grid 1” to rename the created Grid. On the right side click on “Columns” or “Filters” to use additional options to manage Grid. 

3. Click on “Columns” and the list of Columns available in the View will appear. Check or uncheck the box next to Column name to include or exclude a certain column from the View. Click on the “6 dots” to drag and drop the item to “Row Groups”. Formulations will be grouped by the item dragged to the “Row Groups”.Click on the sorting icon above Columns to close the right side menu. 

4. Drag and drop a column to the “Values” field to sum the values of that specific column. Summed values will be shown in the Grid.