How to apply filters on data in a View?

Last Updated on:
April 21, 2022

Predefined Views by your Admin can not be filtered. Only Views from the My Views section can be filtered.

1. Click on the “Filters” button in the View. The Advanced Search window will open.

2. The Advanced Search window consists of two parts: Available fields and Selected fields. Available fields are fields related to the data chosen in the View. Selected fields are columns already added to the View.

3. Click on (or drag) the desired field in the Available fields section. Field will be moved to the Selected fields section. Also, a column containing data from the selected field will show up in the View.

4. Set up the filter criteria from the dropdown. Depending on the type of data (text, date & time, number, etc), different filter criteria are available. After selecting the desired filter criteria, set the values or ranges according to which filtering will be performed. Click “Apply”

5. Information about Filter applied is given by the number of applied filters in parenthesis on the Filters button. Also, the number of results is changed after applying the filter.

6. More filter criteria can be added on the same field. Hover over the field in Selected fields and click on the “+” icon.

7. To remove field from the Selected fields section, hover over the unwanted field in Selected fields. Click on the “X” icon.

8. Applied filter criteria values can be removed. Hover over the unwanted filter criteria value and click on the “X” icon.

9. To delete unwanted Filter criteria, hover over the unwanted filter criteria. “Delete” icon will appear. Click on the “Delete” icon.