How to see the record's edit history?

Last Updated on:
October 26, 2022

Users with View and Edit privileges will be able to see the edit history of the record.

1. Edit history is a historical overview of changes in the record. It includes information about the type of the change, date of the change and who applied the change. Edit history is updated in real time. 

2. Click on the link and an overview of edit history will be shown in the right part of the screen. 

3. Edit history shows changes made by the user or by the system. Adding or changing an input value will be shown as the change made by the User. All other changes that are done automatically will be shown as changes made by the System. 

4. Click on the arrow to see details about the change that has been made. 

5. The notation “No values were edited” means that there was a change, but the field did not get or change the value. For example, this message could appear when the blank row is added to the table.